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Methyl Ethyl Ketone - Technical Grade

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is an organic solvent used for cleaning surfaces and equipment in paint stripping and painting operations.  It is a very powerful solvent for cleaning oil or water based soils on many surfaces; howeverit may be incompatible with some plastics and paints.  MEK is highly volatile and flammable.

.Strip-Brite 270 is an acidic-type of paint remover formulated to strip various coatings from wood and metal, including aluminium.  Versatility and safety are important attributes of this product.  Specific viscosity allows the stripper to cling to vertical surfaces and to the underside of horizontal surfaces.  Strip-Brite 270 rinses easily at low water pressure and it forms a visible film during rinsing which aids in stripper removal.  It will not darken most types of wood and is economical  due to its multi-layer stripping capability.

Strip-Brite 227 is an organic-acid formulation developed for fast removal of difficult paints, organic coatings, rubber and carbon.  Designed for dip-tank applications, Strip-Brite 227 is a thin liquid with a floating wax seal to prevent evaporation.  Baked-on powder epoxy is normally removed in about 5 minutes and paint line hooks with 20 or more coats are spotless in 20 to 30 minutes. A one hour dip will clean a piston of almost all black carbon deposits.  Strip-Brite 227 is safe to use on most metals, including aluminum.

Strip-Brite 270 - Paint Remover for Wood and Metal


Strip-Brite 227 - Heavy Duty Industrial Paint Remover   


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Technical BulletinRequest MSDS


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