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Strip-Brite 222 is an acidic-type gel paint remover formulated to strip tough coatings from many surfaces, including aluminium.  Strip-Brite 222 clings to vertical surfaces and to the underside of horizontal surfaces.  Rinses-off easily at low pressure and forms a visible film during rinsing which aids in stripper removal.  Strip-Brite 222 offers versatility, quick stripping speed and multi-layer paint removal.

Clean-Brite 215 is a strong acid etch and brightener designed for use on stainless steel, glass, ceramics and other chemically resistant materials.  Very effective for etching bath tubs prior to re-coating, removing stains and residues after paint stripping and etching glass or ceramics prior to painting or sealing.

Strip-Brite 222 - Heavy Duty Paint Remover

Clean-Brite 215 - Acid Etch and Scale Remover


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